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About us

KARPO FLY Company has been known on the market with paragliding harnesses for several years. In 1988 new sport appeared in Czechoslovakia: paragliding. This new sport fascinated many people and in 1990 KARPO FLY Company began its activity and she initiated producing harnesses for paragliding. 

Jaroslav Pokorny (father of the present owner) founded the company and together with the family was producing paragliding harnesses. It was small family company. However the products were more and more popular in the Czech Republic and abroad and company was expanding. She was very popular at that time and people still remember their first revolution harnesses. 

In spite of this, due to family reasons, the company broke off its activity for several years. However in the year 1997 KARPO FLY Company was reborn thanks to the son - Petr Pokorny. He had just returned from the USA and decided to “revive” the company. But he had to start from the beginning! 

KARPO FLY Company began producing accessories for paragliding. First of all, she was specialising in development and production of paragliding harnesses. Within several years the company had widen its production program of other products for paragliding, such as back-protectors, backpacks, map holders, hangliding harnesses, paragliding overalls, etc. The company offers really wide range of equipment for paragliding and everybody can find suitable products for him regarding his experience and requirements. 

In spite of the existing competition on the domestic and foreign markets, KARPO FLY Company confirmed its strong position. Her products passed appreciable developing process and considerable changes. Within the last four years company had gone through a lot of changes and in result she was moving to bigger spaces three times as well as increased employers´ quantity of several times. The company invests its capital to the new technologies and new modern machines what increase the quality of the products and makes the work more effective. 

KARPO FLY Company offers, in spite of the paragliding harnesses, back protectors, backpacks, helmets, rescue systems, paragliding accessories, etc. All the products are manufactured of durable and tested branded materials. They are result of the research and meet the highest safety standards. Safety and quality are the company’s priority! 
The main aim is to supply pilots with products of the highest quality. Our services are reliable and suited to the individual preferences of pilots. KARPO FLY company policy is to expand on all markets and confirm its strong position. 

 -  high quality of the goods 
 -  advanced technical solutions of the products 
 -  modern design of the products 
 -  high comfort of the harnesses 
 -  reliable and quick service 
 -  professional information and advice 
 -  professional consulting on paragliding 
 -  having regard for individual pilots´ requirements 
 -  development of paragliding harnesses 
 -  experience in manufacturing hangliding harnesses and motor paragliding harnesses 

 -  improve the company’s position on the market 
 -  improve the company´s image 
 -  widen he range of products 
 -  gain new markets throughout the world 
 -  still develope and use new modern technologies 
 -  gain new customers and deepen cutomers´ trust 


KARPO FLY company offers very wide range of paragliding harnesses. Generally all these paragliding harnesses differ from each other with construction, design, material and colour combination. There are different types of paragliding harnesses. We distinguish school, recreation and competition harnesses that differ from each other in purpose, construction, comfort and standard equipment. These harnesses differ also regarding placing of a rescue system. Some pilots prefer rescue system under the seat, others – on the back or in the front. In our range of products you can find various types of harnesses responding to pilots´ experience and preferences. In order to meet all pilots’ requirements we produce different types of harnesses as well as in different colours and sizes.