Information about the progress of championship

Aug 27, 2015 , 0 Komentářů
Information about the progress of championship

The last two days of the championship were really tricky. During the 5th round positions of many competitors were shuffled. The first third of the starting fields (the best pilots) had really tough weather conditions and added large numbers to their score.  After that the weather conditions got better and we could finish the 5thround. The organizers just started the 6th round but due to the strong back wind it had to be put off on the last day of the competitions. Unfortunately, there was a strong east wind the next morning which didn´t allow us to finish the 6th round. If the 6th round had been finished, our team could have moved up a little in the score list, we had good predictions to improve our results.


I would like to thank our sponsors and our representation team for the support, it was great experience.


Here is the link to results : http://wpac2015indonesia.com/index.php?page=result