Extralight 2 review from our dealer

Jul 18, 2017 , 0 Komentářů

It's been a year since I purchased my Karpofly Phantom extralight harness. My previous harness was a pod one also (Advance Impress 2+) and I have another reversible (Supair) for hiking and seaside. I flew with the Karpofly harness about 70 hours almost all with the EN-B wings.

With this information here are my thoughts about this harness:



+ It is a super comfortable harness that transmits medium to few information from what the wing does. So it is super comfortable in turbulent air. That allows longer flights and stress free. 

I was flying Advance Impress 2 harness before and that is very hard to beat in comfort. Karpofly is there.

+ It is very easy to setup, enter or exit the pod - in flight.

+ Textile materials are super strong and thick. They don't seem to scratch or bruise easily.

+ I like the protection - although I did not tested it (fortunately)

+ Pack very very small - big like



- With all these thick, solid materials, the word extralight is a bit overrated. :)

- The plastic device that closes the blower - broke. I have made another one from a plastic bar. I think that solution with that blue stopper is not that solid. Image attached.

- In flight (one every 20 takeoffs) the two hooks (that closes the pod) are hooking eachother rope after takeoff when closing the pod. Image attached. I have to let go the commands and unhook them.


I would definitely recommend (and I am recommending) this harness to my friends. Good job!


Best regards,

Mihai Sarto