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The harness is completely excellent. It is my first cocoon ever. I use to fly with Sky Reverse 2 before. It seems to be smoother in comparison with Sky Reverse 2. I tis not so shaky in thermic and I don`t feel of getting out the harness. The construction without the seat plate seems to be more comfortable ad also more assured because I am literally wearing the harness and it is nice and tight. Therefore turning and leaning is fare more assured and much easier. Furthermore my feet aren`t cold.

I like the way it is made. It is made of high quality material which I have no worries about for example that it will undo or the material will have lumps. Probably because of that getting into cocoon is very easy and there is no need using your hand to help yourself. The cocoon doesn`t fly behind you and you can easily slide in using your leg.


The handle of the reserve parachute it is just near to your hand and it is very easy to throw it away. I tried it in PARASEM this year. It takes only a few minutes to install the reserve back to the container. You don`t need to spend much time thinking over the order of flaps.


I do like the zipping, it’s very easy and fast. Another thing I was surprised by the inflatable back protector. After inflation the protector is 20 cm thick and it goes from thighs to shoulders and its covers the whole spine. I have already accidently tested it after unsuccessful take-off from Skalka. When I flew into the thermic bubble immediately after take-off I did pulled to much my wing and I fell down approximately 5 m down. The landing was very soft.


Such cool stuff as packing into size of laptop bag, weigh just under 3 kg (regarding the smallest size) or inner pocket for the water container there are just bonus.

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