This weekend there was another successful extreme race of Dolomitmen. Jiri Kutil our experienced pilot from Brno, also took part in that race. We are coming with his over view and evaluation this demanding race.
We would like to invite everybody to world greatest flight encounter Coupe Icare 2015 from September 17th to 20th in French Saint-Hilaire du Touvet. All fans of paragliding and flying are welcome.
The end of the WC in spot landing had a lot of dramatic moments. More information about the progress of championship from Vlasta Kricmar.
On the second day of the championship in Indonesia Vlasta Kricnar had a promising try: 8 centimeters from the center. Don`t you think that is quite good for the beginner ?
Vlasta Kricnar has first news from WC in spot landing which takes place in Indonesia.
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