Extralight with plate – test flight 22.4.2015

May 28, 2015 , 0 Komentářů
Extralight with plate – test flight 22.4.2015
I have prepared test of Fantom Extra Light with seat plate. Its spring thermic and I am ready for my first flight. After spending a few minutes on the start I am taking of. Immediately after start I found first thermic and off to go up. Since the first turns I feel a great difference. Using the Fantom Extra Light is a joy, it’s easy to turn and it’s sensitive enough. Simply wonderful. I would like to describe my feelings in details. Let`s go back to the details.
1) It’s a joy – what shall we imagine. Fantom Extra Light belongs to the category of light harnesses. These harnesses have soft back so they can be packed easily in small and light package. I was surprised by the combination of soft harness with seat plate. By pushing with left or right leg you can direct the wing any direction you want, with the upper part of your body doesn`t have to be involved. Well the harness is soft, flexible and playful.
2) Turning – until yesterday I thought that because of inflatable back protector, which replaces seat plate by 40%, Fantom Extra Light is a turning harness. It doesn`t mean that Fantom Extra Light doesn`t turn but I already have my first feeling from Fantom Extra Light with seat plate. To be honest its huge difference. Plate is a plate. Switching weight is very easy, the harness leans fast and willingly.
3) It’s sensitive enough – what do I mean by this. In spring we start with the first flights in the season. After the winter lack of practice and spring thermic are rather rough. Each pilot has different ideas what is and what isn`t sensitive harness. As a pilot who has been flying over 25 years and who prefers comfortable flying, the harness is sensitive enough. Even in the strong spring thermic the harness could be controlled easily and when I needed turn thermic it behave the way I wanted.
4) And what about seated position in harness. That`s completely different. While the Fantom Extra Light without plate allows you to lay more, in the Fantom Extra Light with a seat plate position is straighter. Your legs are in higher positions and you don`t have to lean in the foot support. I just felt a bit the plate underneath my butt. Of course it’s there and whole last season I used harness without the plate. Certainly they will be some people who will feel it more and some people who would feel it less or at all. It depends. So what to write in conclusion. I think that Fantom Extra Light with seat plate is the future. The harness totally changed its characteristic for the better. I would recommend the Fantom Extra Light with seat plate to everyone who likes to turn thermic a lot and Fantom Extra Light without seat plate to those who wants to save each gram. Another harness I am going to test is FANTOM LIGHT with a seat plate.
I can`t wait !
Petr Pokorný
Design Manager KARPOFLY